Substance Abuse Supervisor, Trinity Glen, Sharon

General Statement of Duties

The Substance Abuse Supervisor is accountable for the monitoring and well-being of all admitted clients as well as the security of the facility, provides direction, supervision training and coverage to Substance Abuse Technicians in Trinity Glen.. This position is also responsible for filing the charts and all sorts of office administrative duties.

Major Responsibilities

  • Responsible for security and safety of all clients, building(s) and grounds.
  • Responsible for providing supervision to Substance Abuse Technicians in regards to work assignments, scheduling, time and attendance, performance, and interviewing candidates for this position.
  • Provides back-up for absenteeism or vacations of other Substance Abuse Technicians.
  • Responsible to facilitate initial procedures for admission, including completion of required intake forms, releases, collection of initial assessment and recommendations for treatment planning. Apply eligibility and diagnostic criteria to determine client appropriateness for treatment in various modalities.
  • Monitor all client activity and behavior and report all abnormalities to supervisor.
  • Encourage clients to participate in any in-house and outside Self-Help Meetings on a regular basis.
  • Documentation of pertinent information related to facility operations or compromises the welfare of the clients.
  • Conduct hourly checks of building(s) and grounds during the shift to assure safety rules and regulations are being adhered to and all facility systems are running and properly documented; i.e., refrigeration and heating.
  • Responsible for monitoring the self-administration of client medication, documentation, medication count and the prescribing physician’s orders – date, dosage; monitor any changes thereof.
  • Check and monitor the fire alarm system and conduct fire drills as necessary.
  • Alert designated staff when weather is inclement in order to provide for proper snow/ice removal.
  • Respect clients’ rights; adhere to confidentiality according to state and federal guidelines/regulations.
  • Remain familiar with MCCA’s policies and procedures.
  • Remain customer service driven.
  • As assigned screen, intake, orient, assess and evaluate all admissions for appropriateness of care / treatment modality and insurance authorizations.
  • As assigned provide basic intervention and education on substance abuse and related 12-step programs, i.e., AA, NA and Motivational Counseling.
  • As assigned coordinate clients’ placement into appropriate level of continuing long-term substance abuse care.
  • Document all pertinent information related to clients’ assessment, evaluation, admission and discharge.
  • Observe and monitor clients on an on-going basis.
  • As appropriate, maintain contact with hospital emergency room staff as necessary.
  • Maintain good working relationship with service providers; i.e., hospital, police, treatment centers.
  • As assigned, maintain efficient assessment and referral source system.
  • As assigned, maintain efficient system of volunteer recruitment.
  • As necessary assist in serving food and monitoring breaks for clients.
  • Clean and maintain facility.
  • Ensure shift coverage that may require occasional mandatory overtime.
  • As assigned, transport clients to related service agencies for continuity of care when required.
  • Other related duties as deemed appropriate by designated supervisor – inclusive, filing, assemble client records, etc.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Supervision Received:  The Substance Abuse Supervisor reports to the Program Director

Evaluation Criteria

  • Maintains minimal accident/incident reports.
  • Monitor job performance of Substance Abuse Technicians, along with scheduling.
  • Maintenance of strong working relationships with other department supervisors and managers.
  • Performance of screening/intake operations done with accuracy in compliance with established agency procedures and completed with a minimum of problems.
  • Management of Caseload:
    1. Completion of planned discharges within agency specified time periods.
    2. Promptly notify appropriate staff when a client discharge is scheduled.
    3. Timely follow up to non-attending clients.
    4. Completion of caseload related paperwork within agency specified time limits.
  • Assignments completed in a timely manner. ( DDaP error corrections, spreadsheets, insurances etc)
  • Communication precise, well documented
  • Notify appropriate staff in the event of facility systems malfunction and/or if safety procedures have been violated and document in log.
  • Responsible for reviewing if snow and ice removal has been conducted by Detox Unit.
  • Proper documentation of fire drills and disaster drills performed during shift.
  • Meets all documentation and monitoring activities related to the self-administration of medications.
  • Rounds completed within guidelines and appropriately documented.
  • Maintain Detox area neat and clean and conducive to sanitary and safety standards.
  • Has a good working knowledge of MCCA’s policies and procedures.
  • Adherence to state and federal confidentiality guidelines/regulations.
  • Adheres to security and safety issues, and is responsible for safety training of Substance Abuse Technicians.
  • Completed other assignments as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Education, Training and Credentials:

Associates Degree or Two years college preferred; or

Minimum of High School Diploma or GED, and if applicable, two years of recovery and active involvement in a 12-Step Program; with at least two years’ experience in the substance abuse field.

Computer Proficiency in Carelogic, Data Entry, Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

Interested qualified candidates should submit letter of intent and resume to Human Resources at 203-748-2604.
In your subject line, please reference Job #SA-Supervisor-TG
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Please do not telephone or contact directly, only resumes submitted by fax or email will be considered.

MCCA is an equal opportunity employer.