Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a critical element in the recovery process to help an addict remain sober, addiction free, and live a healthier lifestyle.  Aftercare programs consist of several things such as sober living houses, classes, a job, counseling, etc.  These are things that take up your time or make you keep remembering why you quit the drugs or alcohol and why you do not want to start back with them.

Relapse Prevention is Proven to be Effective

Many recovering addicts attend all of the classes and find themselves jobs to better themselves and stay busy so they do not get the temptation to get high or drunk again.  During  rehabilitation you and your family will go over what you will do to remain sober after rehabilitation is over and  will decide the best programs that are right for you.

Many people choose counseling after rehab because it is an effective means for gaining knowledge continuously about your addiction and it also provides opportunities to talk to others about their struggles and this helps you realize that you are not alone. 

Contact Us if You or Someone You Love Needs an Effective Aftercare Program Before it’s Too Late

Relapse Prevention is the final step in rehab and this needs to be completed just like any other stage in rehab.  Our transitional housing program at Sunrise Terrace is another option for those who need support. Transitional housing provides a positive step in the maintenance of your recovery. Residents who are in recovery are able to rent the townhouse-style two-bedroom units here for approximately one year.

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