Is Someone In Your Life Battling Addiction

Intervention_Family2You Didn’t Cause It

You Can’t Control It

 But You Can Learn

How To Cope

Substance use disorders affect individuals and families regardless of race, gender or economic status. The first step towards positive change often comes when family members begin to take charge of their own lives. How to Cope provides the support and tools to help participants start to make those changes.

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How to Cope is a seven session course and meets weekly for two hours in the evening at our Danbury location at 38 Old Ridgebury Road.

Next Session Starts September 8th at 6pm in Danbury

To register contact:

Irene Sherlock, LMFT

203-792-4515, ext 1219


“We were scared and embarrassed and there is an element of blame. How to Cope really drove home that our son is responsible for his decisions”

– Kim, How to Cope Participant, mother of a son in recovery