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Detox-at-MCCAOur detox program is a place to receive medical attention, and professional treatment services, in a comfortable, caring and supportive environment.

The Detoxification Process is the first important step in the treatment of an addiction to alcohol and/or other substances. Symptoms of withdrawal may include blood pressure and heart rate elevations, anxiety, emotional instability, nausea, sweating, tremors, vomiting, insomnia, depression, and seizures.

Your counselor along with our medical staff will decide on the specific course of detoxification.

For some individuals home-based detoxification is not possible; others are just more comfortable being out of their current environment in order to take this step.

We help people detox from the following substances:

  • alcohol
  • narcotics and opiates including:
    • heroin
    • morphine
    • codeine
    • percocet
    • oxycontin
    • vicodin
    • dilaudid
    • anti-anxiety drugs.

We detox with a variety of medications, including:

  • librium
  • methadone

MCCA provides a medically monitored, caring and friendly home-like atmosphere to help people safely and effectively detoxify from alcohol and/or other drugs. Each person admitted to the Detox Program receives a medical and clinical evaluation, followed by medication administration to help them detox in a safe, comfortable way. A structured program consisting of educational groups, 12 step meetings and individual counseling sessions is also part of the process.

Aftercare Planning is the other essential part of the detoxification experience. Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. Participants receive help from the time they enter the program in defining and connecting with services to achieve their goals for the time beyond their stay here. Once the detoxification process is complete, we continue to provide treatment within other MCCA programs and/or arrange for other treatment services, as necessary, based upon the individual client’s needs.

MCCA offers clients a continuum of care

  • Detoxification and Evaluation, including the use of Methadone for opiate detoxification if appropriate
  • Short and Long Term Residential Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (day & evening)
  • Various Outpatient Programs
  • Relapse Prevention

MCCA’s Detoxification and Evaluation Program is a client -centered, recovery-oriented integrated treatment experience that focuses on the physical, emotional and social well-being, growth, education and empowerment of each client, promoting respect and dignity through the efforts of a well qualified, well trained culturally competent medical, counseling and professional staff.

The program concentrates on medically monitored detoxification, the health, psychological and pro-social skills of the identified client.

Our professional staff consists of a Medical Director, Program Director, Registered Nurses, Counselors/Case Managers and Substance Abuse Technicians all working toward the goal of helping our clients overcome addictions, in a very caring, professional and respectful atmosphere.

We at MCCA believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable illnesses and that those affected can recover.


Detox and Evaluation is located in Danbury, click here for contact information and directions.

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