McDonough House

McDonough House is a 22-bed substance abuse treatment facility. Clients participating in the Intensive Program at McDonough House follow an individualized treatment plan with their primary counselor. Attendance to individual and grouped therapy sessions are mandatory.

Our professional staff consists of a Director of Clinical Operations, Program Director and numerous counselor and monitors all working toward one goal…. helping our clients overcome addictions.

McDonough House Program

  • Individual counseling
  • Chemical dependency education
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Men’s and Women’s groups
  • Seniors groups
  • Daily AA meetings
  • NA meets available
  • Recreational activities
  • Medical consultation as needed
  • Psychiatric consultation as needed
  • Continuing care planning

Family Program

  • Weekly family program to help family members understand how addiction affects them
  • Discuss and understand how family relationships may change after treatment
  • Learn about and participate in family recovery including 12-step program

At MCCA we believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable illnesses and that those affected, including family members can recover.

Continuing Care

Seniors Programs

  • Residential treatment at no cost to client
  • Special attention paid to senior issues
  • Senior groups
  • Continuing care planning


McDonough House is located in Danbury, click here for contact information and directions.

Call our main office at (877) 874-6222 or (203) 792-4515.
Request information using our confidential online form.


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