Sunrise Terrace

Sunrise Terrace is a 16-bed transitional housing facility that provides a positive step in the maintenance of their recovery. Residents who are in recovery are able to rent the townhouse-style two-bedroom units for approximately one year.

Each resident shares the common areas of the unit with a house-mate and has his/her own bedroom for privacy. Roommates are able to provide help and support to each other during this phase of recovery.

Sunrise Terrace is substance-free housing and all participants share the common purpose of recovery.  MCCA provides case management services to all participants based upon their individualized needs.  Our case managers assist participants with vocational, educational, legal, medical and psychiatric needs as well as providing support in early recovery issues that may arise.

Sunrise Terrace Provides

  • A safe and supportive environment
  • Case management services for each resident
  • A place where residents participate in decisions about the community
  • A place to build a strong recovery support network

The Goal of Sunrise Terrace

The goal is to help each participant make positive and long-lasting behavioral changes that result in improved quality-of-life.  All participants are required to continue relapse prevention treatment at the level appropriate to their circumstances.  Most attend weekly group or individual counseling sessions, as well as outside self-help meetings.  MCCA pledges to help each participant achieve his/her long-term recovery goals.

The average length of stay at Sunrise Terrace is approximately one year.  Our case managers are committed to helping participants find permanent housing conducive to continued recovery after their stay at Sunrise Terrace.

Case Management Services

Each Sunrise Terrace participant receives case management assistance in the areas of educational, vocational, legal, medical and psychiatric services and referrals as the needs of the individual warrant. More information on Case Management Services can be found here.


Sunrise Terrace is located in Danbury. Click here, for contact information and directions.

Call our main office at (877) 874-6222 or (203) 792-4515.
Request information using our confidential online form.

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