MCCA’s Prevention Program is an educational service to enhance the well being of all families, not just those at high risk of substance use with an emphasis on underage drinking and drugging. MCCA is proud to be partnering with Stand Together Make a Difference, the designated Local Prevention Council for Danbury.

The goal of MCCA’s Prevention Program is educating the public toward a healthier, more positive lifestyle, and to make constructive life choices

Statistics have shown that adolescents who are educated about the dangers of engaging in underage drinking and drug use are less likely to take part in such activities.

MCCA is working to change these statistics and reduce underage drinking and drugging in Danbury. 

Current Initiatives

  • “Current Trends” training for Danbury public school PPS staff, Stand Together Make A Difference Coalition members, agency personnel and other interested individuals will be held on April 12, 2013 from 12:15-2:15pm at Danbury High School. The presentation will be given by staff from the Governor’s Prevention Partnership.
  • “Parents You Matter” workshops will be offered in March at Broadview Middle School and Rogers Park Middle School to introduce parents to the harms of underage drinking, review the Social Hosting Law, discuss the development of the adolescent brain and discuss tips for keeping their children safe.
  • Workshops will be given to all 8th grade middle school students in April to discuss the dangers of underage drinking and drugging, brain development, teen perception of alcohol use, including Social Hosting Law implications, accessibility, predisposition to addiction and rules to set with friends when hosting a party.
  • An informational card is available and being disseminated to parents regarding the Social Hosting Law.  It is also available in Spanish.
  • A Drug Take Back Day is scheduled for September and April of each year.  The public can drop off unused prescription drugs at the Danbury Police Department for safe disposal.
  • A student forum for underage drinking is being discussed with Danbury Public Schools. This forum would involve a panel of speakers representing different perspectives of underage drinking such as law enforcement- legal implications and the Social Hosting Law, adolescent brain development, students in recovery, a medical perspective and also offer an introduction to protective factors and developmental assets which help keep children from engaging in risky behaviors.
  • A Media Campaign, “Stand Together To Make A Difference for Danbury’s Youth,” is currently being developed to strengthen the Stand Together Make A Difference local substance abuse prevention coalition whose mission is to reduce substance use in Danbury.

Age of drinking onset in Danbury is about 13 years old. When drinking is delayed until age 21, the risk of serious alcohol problems is decreased by 70%.

The Community Outreach and Education Program provides consultation and collaboration with other agencies, schools, churches, & community centers.

  • Multi-agency coordination and collaboration
  • Prevention assessments and referrals
  • Health promotion and health fairs
  • School and other speaking engagements
  • Distributing materials on substance abuse education


Our Prevention Program is located in Danbury. Click here, for contact information and directions.

You can contact Terry Budlong, Director of Prevention Services at


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