Testimonials-sliderHow to Cope

“How to Cope provided an opportunity for me to talk, listen and learn in a safe, comfortable environment. I finally felt like it wasn’t just my husband and I living with addiction.” – J.P.

“How to Cope put my son’s addiction in an understandable context and reminded us to think about and protect our own needs.”  – H.T

“I appreciate the continued support, understanding and feedback. Knowing that the decisions I make daily have been correct, even though I doubt myself at times. Thank you for everything!”  – S.P.

Intensive Outpatient

Recovery is possible. I wanted to stop drinking but thought I was beyond help. MCCA  showed me that people do recover if they are willing to learn about their addiction and make the effort.

I went through I.O.P. with Mike and then Relapse Prevention and  therapy with Lisa in New Milford. Lisa did my in-take and was very professional and I certainly didn’t feel like just another number. Mike made my I.O.P. experience very relaxing and even fun at times. He always treated me and everyone around me  with respect, something I didn’t even have for myself. 

I then had the pleasure of having Lisa again for Relapse Prevention, individual and family therapy. Its an experience that I will always remember as being the first time I could  open up and really learn something about my addiction. Lisa was so important to my recovery, she loves her job and it shows.
– D. G.

Trinity Glen – Sharon

“I was once a client at Trinity Glen…It healed me and provided wonderful memories. I now live in California as a musician, clean and healthy……..I wanted to say thank you!” – J. D.

How to Cope & McDonough House

“You don’t feel like someone being pushed through the system. Before coming to MCCA our son was treated at a facility in California, and we felt like he was just a number

Everyone we have reached out to at MCCA has been very responsive, other people in the other department are very, very accommodating. Anytime we’ve had an issue, a question, a concern, everyone was very, very responsive.

At MCCA, not only is our son getting the treatment and the help that he needs at McDonough House, but we’re getting resources and help, things that we didn’t even know necessarily that we needed with How to Cope.

We were scared and embarrassed and there is the element of blame and How to Cope really drove home that our son is responsible for his decisions but the decisions we make, what we did, could help it to go one way or another.” – J.P.

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