Prevention Update

This past spring MCCA and Stand Together Make a Difference (Danbury’s local substance abuse prevention coalition) launched a campaign to reduce underage drinking in Danbury.  The campaign message is, “It’s 21 For a Reason, Underage Drinking Damages the Brain.”

As part of the campaign, members of the coalition put together a video to help communicate the message.

The campaign is utilizing environmental strategies to educate and engage students and the Danbury community with intent to change the culture and the way the community thinks about underage drinking.

The placement of a billboard in April 2013 on Mill Plain Rd and a billboard across from the courthouse in May, which was translated in Spanish, marked the beginning of the campaign. Two billboards were also in place during Sept and Oct. 2013 on Wildman and West Streets.


  • Fourteen student presentations to approximately 1510 students and 9 parent presentations to over 285 parents were given on the dangers of underage drinking.
  • Student and community videos have been video-taped in collaboration with the video production department at DHS.
  • A young person in recovery spoke to DHS students describing his journey. The presentation was video-taped and is being shown on educational television.
  • Students from Henry Abbott Technical High School contributed promotional pieces for the campaign.
  • Student Surveys results for DHS, ACE Alternative School and the Reach/Endeavor Program to determine student behaviors and attitudes around underage drinking and drug use. Click here for a summary of the results.
  • Over 125 people attended a prevention fundraiser at Monster Mini Golf. Over 57 volunteers and businesses helped to support this event
  • The coalition has produced a prevention PSA for 98Q. It is airing the first two weeks of each month through December.
  • Bus advertising can be viewed on the tails of local buses in Oct and roll out at the same time as the PSA… 3 buses will be running with ads for 3 months.
  • During compliance checks of retail establishments selling alcohol in the Danbury area, 11 out of 44 sold to minors.  Their names were reported to authorities for hearings, and listed in the Danbury News Times.
  • A successful Drug Take Back Day took place on October 26th in Danbury giving people the opportunity to safely dispose of their unused or old prescription drugs.
  • Matt Hammer was the quest speaker at ACE and Endeavor addressing students on what it takes to reach your goals and the sacrifice required.

Terry Budlong

Direction of Prevention Services