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Every day MCCA helps people achieve recovery with treatment and essential supportive services. Your donation will help us provide:

Transportation Services

Our case managers help people in recovery connect to treatment and social services, and get to job interviews and medical appointments. Your donation will help support transportation services to enable our case managers help our clients.

Long-term Treatment

Long-term treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat chronic addiction. Trinity Glen Men’s & Women’s Programs provide six to nine months of residential treatment for men and women recovering from persistent drug alcohol addiction. 


Obtaining reliable housing is an essential element in the recovery process. MCCA provides transitional housing at Sunrise Terrace, affordable town house units where people in the early stages of recovery receive support through case management and relapse prevention groups.

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Stories of Hope
Stories of Recovery

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Erin's Story

Five Months and 18 Days

Five Months and 18 Days
That’s how long it took Erin to lose her two young children, her job and her home – everything. That’s how quickly the disease of addiction can take hold and bring a person down.

Shortly after Erin found sobriety, on Thanksgiving she stopped at Walgreen’s with her 10-year son and they saw a young woman who appeared to be homeless outside the pharmacy. “Why don’t we give her our Thanksgiving dinner?” Coming from a child that saw his mother in her active addiction, Erin felt her son knew what this woman was doing. “It was such a magical thing.

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Steve's Story

“I went to detox 15 times. Fifteen times I tried and 15 times I failed.”

“I was never going to do heroin, I was too smart for that. But it sucks you in.”

At 27 I was. I had been in and out of jail and rehab numerous times and was living on the streets of Danbury,” Steve admitted. Burnt out from his addiction, family and friends had abandoned him. Within a short period of time he overdosed twice on heroin, and to this day, is amazed that he survived.

Steve credits the strong support of his counselor at McDonough House for helping him believe he could beat his addiction.

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KC's Story

“I was just so grateful. I had a bed to sleep in, instead of my car.”

During her time at the Sobering Center, K.C. wrote her first letter to her estranged daughter. During her time at the Sobering Center and Sunrise Terrace, K.C. committed to rebuilding this broken relationship.

Four years later, K.C. proudly attended her daughter’s high school graduation. Today she is an independent woman with enormous faith and gratitude with five years of sobriety. Gratitude has played a big part in K.C.’s sobriety and she is grateful for everything in her life today, including the services and support that MCCA gave her at a critical time in her recovery.

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Jon's Story

Jon was always able to drink. A lot. It wasn’t a problem. Until it was.

Life was good for Jon, a bright, articulate college-educated guy with a successful sales career.

After losing his job in 2009, he drank every day for five months. “That’s when I crossed that line and went from wanting to drink to needing to drink.” The disease of addiction had taken hold. Over the next three years, as his alcoholism progressed, Jon lost everything and joined the ranks of homeless individuals on the streets of Danbury.

Today Jon works in the planning department for a national retail chain, and always tries to look on the bright side of life.

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The Sobering Center is a short-term therapeutic shelter for individuals 18 years of age or older with a substance abuse and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. We are open 24-hours a day.

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