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Prevention Education

MCCA’s Prevention Program is an educational service to enhance the well being of all families, not just those at high risk of substance use with an emphasis on underage drinking and drugging. MCCA is proud to be partnering with Stand Together Make a Difference, the designated Local Prevention Council for Danbury.


Community Outreach & Education

Provides consultation and collaboration with other agencies, schools, churches, & community centers.


  • Multi-agency coordination and collaboration
  • Prevention assessments and referrals
  • Health promotion and health fairs
  • School and other speaking engagements
  • Distributing materials on substance abuse education

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The goal of MCCA’s Prevention Program is to educate the public toward a healthier, more positive lifestyle, and to make constructive life choices.

Contact Us

Elke Sweeney, Director of Prevention Services
Tel. 203-743-4895
Fax 203-743-4802

Age of drinking onset in Danbury is about 13 years old. When drinking is delayed until age 21, the risk of serious alcohol problems is decreased by 70%.

MCCA is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) 3 non-profit community-based organization.

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